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Integrated digital solutions
that move your brand forward.

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About Webconsuls

Established in 1999, Webconsuls is a boutique web design and marketing firm offering integrated digital solutions that move your brand forward. Small by design, we are nimble, responsive risk-takers focused on you and committed to your business success.

Webconsuls was organized by Dick Fay and Dennis Helfand, both retirees from Atlantic Richfield Company/ARCO Alaska. Judith Helfand joined as a full partner in 2006. As of 2015, Dick has retired and Dennis and Judy serve as primary consultants for Webconsuls, now owned and operated by Malik Soomar, Heidi Trow and John McGhee.

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The Webconsuls Difference

Every fast-growing, successful company is built on a brand that tells an authentic, compelling story. Not a tall tale that varnishes the truth, but an audience-first approach that clarifies your message and draws people into the storyline. Creating brands that inspire (and sell), Webconsuls specializes in:

  • Brand planning & brand architecture
  • Brand names & taglines
  • New brands & rebrands
  • Digital marketing strategy & execution
  • Branded content
  • Social media strategy & execution
  • Application of your brand across digital & traditional media channels

Benefits of Webconsuls’ Branding Services

Branding is far more than your logo, tagline or “look.” It’s the whole package: the experience your customer has at every point in the sales cycle and the promises you’re making about your unique selling proposition. When you’re ready to revamp your brand, start from the ground up or reposition a brand that’s not performing, we’re the digital team you’ve been looking for.

Request a Branding Consultation

Webconsuls’ Managing Partners are digital natives with decades of collective marketing experience. Connect with our Nashville branding specialists by calling

or connecting online. With turnkey marketing and branding solutions that meet your business objectives, boost revenue and make the most of your marketing budget, our creatives refine your branding strategy to create a blueprint for success.

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