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I'm Matt, a Toronto based front-end developer with a background as a manager and chef that now uses my skills to plate beautiful applications. I combine my past experience with strong technical skills to bring a unique perspective and skill set to the table.

I believe in staying evergreen , the concept of always striving to learn and develop further...to blossom into a better developer. Sorry, I had to. I'd better work on developing my sense of humour.

I also have a passion for cooking and food. I'll try any dish once, and more often than not a few more times after that. When I'm not cooking or coding I spend my time reading, camping, and exploring this big wonderful city in all its (sometimes) glory.

Concert Accountant

Set a budget, search shows using the Ticketmaster API and add the ones you're interested in. Once you hit your budget you can publish your list using Firebase and see what other people have come up with. Built with a team of four, this app utilizes the power of React and collaboration to deliver a fully responsive, accessible, and fun experience.

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Who Said It?

Have you ever wondered if you can you tell the difference between tweets from Kanye West and a sentient orange? Well now you can! Using javascript, jquery, and two API's to create a fun guessing game complete with animations and twitter integration. The app is fully responsive so you can play on the go!

Recipes To Go

This project was built using React, API's, and HTML/CSS to deliver a recipe app that allows users to search through recipes and view their details. This app is fully responsive and accessible and allows users to find the recipe they're in the mood for or view the most popular recipes by default. I built this because I have a passion for food and cooking so I can quickly find recipes.

Boat Ride Adventures

A multi page PSD conversion for a client specializing in boat tours. This website shows the power of pure HTML and SASS to deliver a fully responsive static website with a landing page, blog, and contact form. Re-created to exact specifications, this website is pixel perfect and is responsive on all screens and sizes.


  • reactjs

  • html5

  • github

  • Accessibility

  • javascript

  • css3

  • Google Firebase icon.


  • responsive

  • jquery

  • sass

  • git

  • Nodejs

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