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Taking the guesswork out
of pay-per-click.

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PPC Consulting

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most direct ways to reach your target audience, and although it might be one of the more straightforward methods of digital marketing, running a PPC campaign that maximizes return on investment requires a meticulous, discerning eye. If you don’t live and breathe Google AdWords, launching and optimizing a PPC campaign on your own that converts can prove challenging.

At Webconsuls, we strive to make this process simpler and more straightforward for everyone. As Google Certified AdWords Professionals and Bing Ads Professionals, we have experience managing SEO and PPC campaigns for clients representing a range of industries around the country. SEO and PPC campaigns are most successful when integrated, which is why we take a synergistic approach to leveraging the strong suits of each campaign type to capture more traffic and conversions.

We can help your business make a serious impact by refining your target audiences, employing more relevant keywords and teaching you how to groom your strategy so it delivers positive results week after week. Let’s work together to get your business in front of the right audience.

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The Results You Want for Minimal Spend

Our process is pretty simple: optimize campaigns to generate the most business for the least amount of money. As with all of our consulting services, we structure our offerings to suit your business, understanding of PPC and skill set.

We can teach you how to handle your PPC strategy no matter where you fall on the spectrum: whether you want us to train you and your team on the everyday management practices, or if you’d rather have us set up your account and establish a long-term consulting partnership. We can even perform a one-time audit of your PPC account and identify additional opportunities for growth.


Our PPC consulting services include:

  • Campaign setup, initial monitoring, and optimization
  • Keyword and targeting research
  • Competitor and industry research
  • Ad creation, including mobile, search and display ads
  • Ad group creation
  • Diversification of ads
  • Landing page development
  • Bidding strategy and analysis
  • Geo-targeting
  • Call tracking tagging
  • SEO – PPC campaign synergy

For businesses who need more support, our ongoing PPC services might be more appropriate. But as consultants, we can periodically check in to make sure your strategy is still relevant and effective as you see fit.


If you’re serious about PPC, you need a consultant with a proven track record that yields results instead of empty promises. Webconsuls has years of experience educating teams on PPC best practices and providing follow up audits and additional training sessions as the client deems necessary. It’s a straightforward, hands on approach designed to deliver.

Don’t just bring your PPC strategy up to speed. Move it forward with Webconsuls. Request a free consultation and learn more about pricing by calling us at or