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Legal marketing services
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Digital Marketing Services for Legal Professionals

The legal field is a unique industry, and developing an effective digital marketing strategy requires specialized knowledge of the law, legal jargon and other industry nuances. The Webconsuls team consists of third-year law students who produce content for law firm blogs and websites and contribute to content strategy development, as well as lawyers who serve as senior advisors and help our content stay dynamic, innovative and relevant.

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What Sets Webconsuls Apart From Other Lawyer Marketing Agencies?

  • We don’t double up on geographic representation. At Webconsuls, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to SEO and content development because strategy isn’t one-size-fits-all. We don’t represent multiple clients from the same market. A client who is a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix is our only criminal defense attorney client in Phoenix. That way, we’re able to develop the most dynamic strategy possible; one that really makes you stand out from the competition.
  • We’re PPC experts. When done correctly, PPC is a cost-effective way to generate leads. But without the right strategy in place, it can seriously hurt your bottom line. We’re experts with years of experience culling the irrelevant or negative keywords that waste money and don’t yield results.
  • We build custom law directories. We excel in optimizing custom directories for DUI and trial lawyers.
  • We understand the differences between personal and firm branding. Lawyers and law firms are marketed differently, and we know how to effectively communicate the messaging for each. We’re well-versed in trends, best practices, and the dos and don’t of legal web design.
  • We offer a suite of services. A diverse menu of digital marketing services enables us to meet your needs. We can help you wherever you need us, whether you want us to be your turnkey digital team or consult with your team every few months to keep your strategy current.
  • We just get it. There’s no “secret” to creating a strategy that works–only hard work and diligence. Digital marketing, SEO and search algorithms are constantly evolving, so we stay on top of it to by continually adjusting our strategies based on different audiences, including potential clients and loved ones of clients.

How Webconsuls Can Help Your Law Firm

Our clients get results, plain and simple. They get placement on Google’s first page of search results, increasing visibility and name recognition, which leads to more clients, cases and revenue. Entrusting Webconsuls to handle your digital marketing efforts gives you more time to focus on what really matters: your clients.

You need a partner who is dedicated to helping you succeed and achieve your goals, and Webconsuls promises to deliver return on investment. We’re a team of highly skilled, diligent workers who are as dedicated to helping our clients as you are to helping your clients.


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