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The Heart of Recovery

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We overhauled Seabrook’s online identity and transformed it into a distinctly on-brand (web)masterpiece.

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The Request

Seabrook wanted to overhaul their digital presence and voice to reflect their new brand identity. They requested:

  • Content that echoed their brand voice, values and dedication to industry ethics.
  • A website that made the search for addiction treatment easy and hopeful rather than convoluted and cumbersome.
  • A sensible navigation and multifunctional content that catered to unique visitors and provided forms and resources for staff, clients and families.
  • A clean, sophisticated and modern design that reflected both of their key attributes – heart and science.

the work

seabrook website
seabrook iPhones

The Result

The result was an on-brand gem that engages, educates and directs users with the following attributes:

  • 3,000 SEO friendly pages prime for search engine indexing and ranking
  • Responsive for all mobile devices and built for mobile first
  • Human resource integration with Indeed
  • Contact & Insurance verification forms and tracking
  • Constant contact integration
  • Multimedia and social media integration
  • A user friendly CMS for in-house updates

More Work

McGhee tablet


We took this Engineering firm’s largest hassle away from them by creating a flawless digital solution and brought their website design out of the stone age while we were at it.